DIY (1)

I have got these boots a while back from Urban Outfitters. They are super comfortable,

but I have never worn out once. There is something missing…

Maybe they are too plain, so I decided to embellish them and give them more personality.

I found these lace and cut them equally into four pieces.

(Lace was actually used to tie a group of panties I bought from Free people, that I didn’t throw away.)

So I used glue gun to glue the lace along the edge of shoe lace to give it a more girly look, not as boring.

The reason I used glue gun instead of super glue is, once I don’t like the lace anymore,

I can easily peel it off without hurting the boots.

I hope you like the way they turned out! I will def wear those out one day.

Hope I have inspired you to style your old pair of shoes, and rock them again!

This is green and saves us money. 🙂

Stay tuned for more NQ DIY tips.


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French Vibe Encounter

We had a lunch meeting today at Blue Dahlia Bistro. It’s a French breakfast& brunch organic cafe located on East side of I35 Austin.

It’s a little elegant restaurant decorated with paintings, and candles. The main dinning room has wooden tables and chairs, there is also a bar to sit at for a few glasses of wine on the right when you walk in. There is definitely lively French vibe to this warm little place. It’s friendly and fresh. There are front patio and back patio, surrounded by greens and wood. Although it’s hot in Austin, Texas, but the fans and the greens on the back patio made us cool and comfortable.

The food is very tasty, high quality and organic. The service was great. Our waitress is not only gorgeous but also very attentive.

We enjoyed our food and finished all we ordered. The smoked salmon sandwich was fresh and yummy!

They also have happy hours. I would totally go back, try other plates and recommend it.

Visit their website/See their menu/Yelp Them/Join them on Facebook

Call them:   (512) 5429542

Find them: 1115 E 11th St
Austin, TX 78702


Mon-Thu 8 am – 10 pm

Fri 8 am – 11 pm

Sat 9 am – 11 pm

Sun 9 am – 10 pm

Good for Groups: Yes

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Parking: Street
Attire: Casual

Takes Reservations: Yes
Delivery: No
Take-out: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Wi-Fi: Free

Wheel chair: Accessible

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Exclusive Interview with the founder of Alwayz Therro Magazine

I have had a chance to interview the founder of Alwayz Therro Magazine Kenneth . AT magazine is a one year old online magazine that is powered by Zinio. AT magazine is about American Culture, Style, Fashion, Music and Lifestyle. It constantly brings something new to the table.

The first issue of AT mag was created on July 1st 2010, and it started as a free issue. The founder Kenneth kept pushing, his open mind, drive, ambition, 100% hard work and  persistence, has helped build his own brand and AT Mag has already started making profit! Kenneth is only 24 years old, but has already have such achievements. Lets see what this character and his business is all about.

1. What inspired you to create Alwayz Therro Magazine?
Ambition, drive, and strength. A platform to show people that anything
you dream of can come true. How do I know? I’m looking at it first had

2. Why did you name it Alwayz Therro Magazine?

I was into music along time ago and my name was Therro. I studied

Henry David Thoreau and Emerson both famous poets.

3. What did it take to make the Magazine live?
Ambition, patience, and having your back against the wall and blossom
into something greater.

4. Did you run into difficulties when making or publishing the
magazine? What are they?
The same with any business is getting everyone on the same page,
meeting deadlines, and keeping everything fresh, but that’s not really
difficulties right?

5. What was the reaction of the first issue of AT magazine? What was
the transition from a free magazine to an on-line magazine that is
making profit?
Well the reaction was great. Many people read that issue. It was a
free issue of just ideas at the time and everyone loved what we were
bringing to the table. It was something different in a time where
everything was changing so much.

6. What’s your target audience?
Any one with dreams and ambition.
7. How would like your audience to view you?
As themselves its not about me or just you its us. We are together in the process of success.
8. What is your long term vision for your magazine?
Be around and be relevant for many years to come.
9. What type of advertisers would you like to attract?
Innovators, fashion lines, designers, cosmetics, life coaches, photographers and more.
10. What type of artists would like to include?
Music is one movement its the same feeling. If you have music and words we want you. Be real.

11. Tell me a childhood story that tells your personality.
I was alwayz working and creating my own things from age 9 to now. I
was 17 years old going on 18 me and my cousin got a ticket to NY. I
stayed for about a week. I had maybe 200-300 cds on me alone. I was
going around selling my CD’s and promoting what I had going on at that
time with the music. I went home with no CDs, wishing I had more. Met
a few people along the way who started to curve my thinking to greater
things. People might say they were just CDs its no big deal, but yea
they were “my” cds. These I created.

12. Will you sell copies of Alwayz Therro Magazine in store in the
future? If not, can you please explain why do you want to stick with
online magazine?
We are always open to working with Distributes and different
situations we can get in, but for now we are making a change in the
wave of the Mobile reading. Its phenomenal. The way you can include
links and different types of other media into one publication is
something print will never offer. Print has some good things mobile
will never offer as well. This is an example of following with the
change around you.

13. What’s your secret ingredient of creating your own brand and making it grow?
Stay true to what you know. Be open to evolve.

14. What’s your goal in the near future?
Be around 40 years from now still growing with you.

15. Where do you see yourself in five years from now.
London, Condo, enjoying the balcony creating with the times.

Read and download their magazine @

Follow AT magazine on twitter @ AlwayzTherro

Add AT mag on Facebook @

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Lace up

I love lace. Lace is so mysterious, feminine and sexy! I love how you could see through a little, but cannot see it all, now That is sexy!

I have found this lovely Faithful Lace Dress in black color from Nasty Gal, an online boutique store. Nasty gal is found in 2006, they have a great collection of vintage clothes and new trendy desirable clothes. Their style is edgy, young, rebellious, sexy and urban.

Here is the dress from the front and the back. Photos taken by me.

You can have different color of slip under or only bra and panties to give it different looks. It’s very versatile. The slip I chose was from Free People Printed Chiffon Petal Slip for right now only $29.99. When I got the slip a week ago on sale it was still $49.99. If you want something fun and flirty, I would recommend you to act quickly and get this slip.

The black lace dress is $58 from Nasty gal. There is a similar looking  Gypsy Lace Dress from Free People for $128. As you can see the Gypsy lace dress is more refined, and a better fit to body which shows your curves, as oppose to, the Nasty gal black lace dress is much looser. However, $58 for the black lace dress is great price for it, and I may alter it to make it slimmer and fit me better.

The ultimate Lace dress I really want is Priscilla Open Back Lace Bodycon Dress from Free People for $268, however, it is out of my price range unfortunately. If you have the money, and love lace, I would recommend you to get it while it lasts. It’s just so gorgeous in so many ways. I love the fit of the dress, the loose sleeves and the gorgeous back of it. It absolutely shows your lovely curves, perfect for a girl with smaller breasts, so you could go braless and pull it off. 

Next NQ Style entry, I will talk about some color.


Nikki Qiao

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NQ Style Statement

I think clothing is a way of me expressing myself.

I’m not a put-on-any-clothes-and get going type of girl. My appearance is a part of me. Lets be honest, you can call me vain, but before you start talking, people do judge you by your appearance, and a good first impression is in your hand to make. I’d like to represent myself as a young lady who is fresh, refined, creative and sometimes has a little spice.  My choice of clothing of the day tells my mood of the day.

In my opinion, fashion is a statement. You don’t have to follow the trend, but you can create your own sense of style, and try to make it unique and speak for you and your personality. I get complements on my outfit all the time, so I would love to share my sense of style with you all. I love nice clothes. Some are expensive, some are on sale. You decide what’s worth, and what is not. The most important thing is to be yourself, and dress whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful. It is your life, and it’s important how you feel about yourself.

Let your clothes and fashion sense leverage you, not drown yourself. I do alter my clothes to fit the way I want them to. However we need to separate Oversize from Baggy…

Fashion/Style/Song’s Style/NQ Style


Love, Nikki Qiao

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Everything has A first!

Hi everyone, I finally decided to have a blog. I have a portfolio under Vogue Italia online.

I’m going to share my photography work and my life style with you guys.

This blog is about my photography, other photographers’ work, interviews of interesting people, where I shop for clothes, food and restaurant I like. Anyway, you are going to see a lot of me !

Stay tuned.

Nikki Qiao-xoxo

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