DIY (2) Long skirt short and asymmetrical

(This photo is from Free People Catalog)

I got this skirt from Free people on sale for $29.99 instead of the original price $79.99.

It’s sheer, flowy, and pretty; however, it is too LONG for a petite girl like me(I’m only 5’1).

So I decided to alter it to make it fit.

I lifted the front of the skirt, and pinned it as you can see. By lifting the skirt,

it give the skirt an asymmetrical look. Since the skirt is sheer, the lifted skirt

part was doubled (laying on top of each other), so it made the front of the skirt less sheer,

so front the front, they can no longer see the shorts you are wearing under. It also shows

some of your legs, and the skirt still flows nicely from the back.

After that, I sew the shirt by my singer sewing machine, and removed the pins.

Please see the final result below. So for $29.99, you get a unique look skirt, that you

can pair with a cropped top, or a oversized cropped tee.

The top I am wearing.

Photos are all taken by me except for the first one from free people catalog.

Please stay tuned for more DIYs.

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DIY (1)

I have got these boots a while back from Urban Outfitters. They are super comfortable,

but I have never worn out once. There is something missing…

Maybe they are too plain, so I decided to embellish them and give them more personality.

I found these lace and cut them equally into four pieces.

(Lace was actually used to tie a group of panties I bought from Free people, that I didn’t throw away.)

So I used glue gun to glue the lace along the edge of shoe lace to give it a more girly look, not as boring.

The reason I used glue gun instead of super glue is, once I don’t like the lace anymore,

I can easily peel it off without hurting the boots.

I hope you like the way they turned out! I will def wear those out one day.

Hope I have inspired you to style your old pair of shoes, and rock them again!

This is green and saves us money. 🙂

Stay tuned for more NQ DIY tips.


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