A Conversation with Self -06/19/2016

*Are you scared?

-I am, but I don’t want to be.

*You know we can be more capable than what we thought we could be.

-My heart hurts. When I hurt him, my eyes tear, my chest burns.

*Hang in there. Maybe it is more important for you to be on your own. If you are uncertain about this relationship, don’t be in it. Withdraw yourself. Maybe you will see things better.

-Well, I am not seeing it clearer now even being without him.

*Well, he has not changed, nothing is changed after your lectures and speeches, right?

-He changed a little bit.

*Has any of the core things changed? He still searched on we chat when you told him not to; he’s not proactive in family issues; he doesn’t even see your matters as your united family matters and take care of them tenaciously right?

-Right. He must think I am cruel to him.

*Isn’t he cruel to you putting you in the position you are in? He’s much older than you. He’s more affluently than you. He knows you and what you are going through more than anyone. How much does he help you? Just hang in there. It should be the best for both of you to be apart, let things settle and figure out what’s the best for both of you on your own. Don’t be scared of the future. You are a strong woman. You can be who you want to be.

-But I am so sad…

*Child, don’t be. You have a long way to go in life. Just focus and do the right thing for yourself academically and career-wise.


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