Underwater Experience

This was my first time doing editorial underwater shoot.

It was abnormally cold for Texas early fall. My friends were using Nikon D90 with underwater housing, and I was using Canon PowershotD10.

It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed spending Sunday afternoon being in cold water and shooting. Since I am not scuba dive certified, I was holding my breath with a waist belt on when shooting the photos.

I’ve learned, you need to be extra cautious when you are underwater, because the moment is more spontaneous under the water. Camera recycles slower than on the land.

Our amazing model Bridget Farr  shot for three photographers. Each of us (photographers) was able to take more breaks than she did. I really have a lot of respects for her. She is very ethical, and down to earth. I really hope she will go very in her career.

I feel lucky to have known both Marco and Marina. They are both driven, and have a great passion for photography as much as I do.

I hope we can keep getting together and working together. Overall, although it was cold, but it was so worth it.


Thanks everyone!


One thought on “Underwater Experience

  1. Robert Payne says:

    happy to see that you were able to get those underwater shots, Nikki
    what a great start of much more to come, I am sure…

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