NQ Style Statement

I think clothing is a way of me expressing myself.

I’m not a put-on-any-clothes-and get going type of girl. My appearance is a part of me. Lets be honest, you can call me vain, but before you start talking, people do judge you by your appearance, and a good first impression is in your hand to make. I’d like to represent myself as a young lady who is fresh, refined, creative and sometimes has a little spice.  My choice of clothing of the day tells my mood of the day.

In my opinion, fashion is a statement. You don’t have to follow the trend, but you can create your own sense of style, and try to make it unique and speak for you and your personality. I get complements on my outfit all the time, so I would love to share my sense of style with you all. I love nice clothes. Some are expensive, some are on sale. You decide what’s worth, and what is not. The most important thing is to be yourself, and dress whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful. It is your life, and it’s important how you feel about yourself.

Let your clothes and fashion sense leverage you, not drown yourself. I do alter my clothes to fit the way I want them to. However we need to separate Oversize from Baggy…

Fashion/Style/Song’s Style/NQ Style


Love, Nikki Qiao

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