There is a Chinese saying “Disaster comes from the mouth. ” At this point, I am really learning my lesson. No matter life or career, I shall learn to compliment and only let nice words out of my mouth. Justice will take it’s course; however, don’t let us to be the one to attack. We should start being graceful if we have not been. Don’t lower yourself by fighting back with words.

I thought I was honest. I didn’t know being honest could get myself in trouble. I should control my mouth and learn to cater to others’ vanity.

Maybe I should become a nun.



An ex is ex which means they belong to the past. Sometimes I get nostalgic. I tend to be gracious to everyone who has made contribution in my life. I thrive to move forward for the better and calmer me. I wish to apologize to those whom I didn’t cherish or treat well. I want to be friends with them.

However, I realized, when you become an ex, there must be a good reason for you to never in touch. Don’t be reluctant to say goodbye. Don’t linger. When you are nostalgic, no one else is. It matters none to remain a good friendship or not because you live in their past.

Lesson learned is to let it go. Put it all behind your head. The older we get, the more we learn which battles should we fight, how do we manage our time and what we spend it on. The older I get, the more I should narrow down what I want to focus on. Get rid of bad habits, bad relationship, and focus on what we have today.

I appreciate you for who you are. Meanwhile, thank you for being as big of a man as you are.

Ps. Don’t say things instantly when you are angry. You know that you will have to deal with the consequences later.


A Conversation with Self -06/19/2016

*Are you scared?

-I am, but I don’t want to be.

*You know we can be more capable than what we thought we could be.

-My heart hurts. When I hurt him, my eyes tear, my chest burns.

*Hang in there. Maybe it is more important for you to be on your own. If you are uncertain about this relationship, don’t be in it. Withdraw yourself. Maybe you will see things better.

-Well, I am not seeing it clearer now even being without him.

*Well, he has not changed, nothing is changed after your lectures and speeches, right?

-He changed a little bit.

*Has any of the core things changed? He still searched on we chat when you told him not to; he’s not proactive in family issues; he doesn’t even see your matters as your united family matters and take care of them tenaciously right?

-Right. He must think I am cruel to him.

*Isn’t he cruel to you putting you in the position you are in? He’s much older than you. He’s more affluently than you. He knows you and what you are going through more than anyone. How much does he help you? Just hang in there. It should be the best for both of you to be apart, let things settle and figure out what’s the best for both of you on your own. Don’t be scared of the future. You are a strong woman. You can be who you want to be.

-But I am so sad…

*Child, don’t be. You have a long way to go in life. Just focus and do the right thing for yourself academically and career-wise.

Underwater Experience

This was my first time doing editorial underwater shoot.

It was abnormally cold for Texas early fall. My friends were using Nikon D90 with underwater housing, and I was using Canon PowershotD10.

It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed spending Sunday afternoon being in cold water and shooting. Since I am not scuba dive certified, I was holding my breath with a waist belt on when shooting the photos.

I’ve learned, you need to be extra cautious when you are underwater, because the moment is more spontaneous under the water. Camera recycles slower than on the land.

Our amazing model Bridget Farr  shot for three photographers. Each of us (photographers) was able to take more breaks than she did. I really have a lot of respects for her. She is very ethical, and down to earth. I really hope she will go very in her career.

I feel lucky to have known both Marco and Marina. They are both driven, and have a great passion for photography as much as I do.

I hope we can keep getting together and working together. Overall, although it was cold, but it was so worth it.


Thanks everyone!

DIY (2) Long skirt short and asymmetrical

(This photo is from Free People Catalog)

I got this skirt from Free people on sale for $29.99 instead of the original price $79.99.

It’s sheer, flowy, and pretty; however, it is too LONG for a petite girl like me(I’m only 5’1).

So I decided to alter it to make it fit.

I lifted the front of the skirt, and pinned it as you can see. By lifting the skirt,

it give the skirt an asymmetrical look. Since the skirt is sheer, the lifted skirt

part was doubled (laying on top of each other), so it made the front of the skirt less sheer,

so front the front, they can no longer see the shorts you are wearing under. It also shows

some of your legs, and the skirt still flows nicely from the back.

After that, I sew the shirt by my singer sewing machine, and removed the pins.

Please see the final result below. So for $29.99, you get a unique look skirt, that you

can pair with a cropped top, or a oversized cropped tee.

The top I am wearing.

Photos are all taken by me except for the first one from free people catalog.

Please stay tuned for more DIYs.

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